IT Roadmaps

For start-ups, one of the key elements in the IT Strategy process is the creation of an IT Roadmap.  The roadmap identifies  the actions, steps and resources needed to take an initiative from vision to reality. In the case of the IT Roadmap, it defines the systems that enable core capabilities across the organization.

As with any plan, the value is proportional to the effort that goes into creating it.  For IT Roadmaps, there are techniques which can be used to reduce the effort.

Specifically, by leveraging a  reference architecture approach.  Instead of starting from scratch, you begin with an baseline model that is relevant to your model.  This model is then either edited to reflect your company’s specific needs or used as inspiration to create something totally new.

  • A clear prioritized plan for IT – what is needed and when
  • Reduced chance for wasted time and other resources
  • Timeline for future OpEx and CapEx requirements
  • Aligned with other enterprise-wide projects

The resulting IT Roadmap will generally look something like this:

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